Road Map
To be precise, this is not a roadmap: it is a to-do list for CryptoTycoon's work, in no particular order, but with a rough time. We will hold an internal ZOOM meeting everyday, and then update the to-do status and new tasks on this page. The timeline for each stage is 15-30 days.
Fireside chats: Every week, we will have a voice or text communication with investors, partners, consultants, and volunteers. To synchronize our movements and listen to suggestions, so that we can always keep pace with the world.

Initial stage

    Smart contract coding
    Legitimate subject and legal opinion
    Game design and development launch
    European and American market partners participation
    Smart contract audit (conducted by Zhongke audit institution)
    Official website v0.1 design and launches
    Institutional investment round determination
    Community investors round determination
    Media cooperation signing
    Community cooperation signing
    New media and community operations
    IDO, IFO, IIO cooperation platform finalized

Early stage

    Game closed beta
    CTT release
    Official website v0.5 design and launches
    IDO, IFO, IIO launch step by step
    Harvesting CTT by Game Farming officially launching
    Game interactive contract audit
    v2.0 game planning
    Statistics of active addresses in closed beta testing (for distribution of rewards after)

Open beta

    Game Beta
    Dice shop launches
    Game v1.5 development started
    Game v2.0 development started
    New round of liquidity mining
    New CTT economic model
    Official website v1.0 design and launches
    Swap and support on more chains (high-performance network)

v2.0 stage

    Re-design the website interaction
    Officially launch game v2.0
    Brand new gaming platform
    Start the closed beta of new games
    Combining CTT with the purpose of new games
    More external chain swap support
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