CTT Tokens and Distribution


CTT is the game token of CryptoTycoon, which has both functional and governance usages. It is currently running on Binance Smart Chain.
CTT contract address: 0x464863745ed3af8b9f8871f1082211c55f8f884d
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Token specifications

Token name
CryptoTycoon Token
Binance Smart Chain(BSC)
5 %
Obtaining mechanism
Game mining, airdrops, liquidity mining, invitation rebate
Default decimal
18 digits (5 decimal recommended)
Release mechanism
Release no more than 300,000 in 1 year

Ways to obtain

Ways to obtain
Game mining
If you build a house to participate in mining or trigger events, you will get CTT in game.
Airdrop interaction
After the game reaches a certain level of activity, airdrop CTT to the appointed address of the active player, twice a year.
Community campaign
Users will get a small amount of airdrops by participating in specific activities on the cooperated platforms.
Invitation rebate
If a player invites other players to play, 75% of the BNB, BUSD and other tokens spent in game will be rebated directly.

Deflation burning

5% Tax
When transferring CTT on the BSC chain, 5% of the transfer amount will be burned permanently.
Buildings built in the game will be demolished if the player fail to pay taxes over time.
Official repo
Non-CTT income such as BNB and BUSD obtained in the game, 50% of which will be used to repurchase CTT and burn directly.
On-chain voting
To participate in the voting on the chain, you need to stake CTT, if the proposal passes within a certain period of time, CTT will be returned.

Split proposal

When the CTT circulation scale exceeds 50% of its supply, and the price increases by more than 3000% from the initial guide price of $20. An on-chain voting will be launched. Participants need to stake at least 50,000 (5% of the total) CTT to be able to do so, which trigger the 1 to 10 ratio mechanism.

Token distribution

Game mining
    750,000 CTT tokens (75%).
    Mainly used for in-game rewards, please refer to the "constructive mining" production reduction mechanism for releasing.
Institution investments
    30,000 CTT tokens (3%).
    Price at $10 USD.
    10% unlocked in the first month, linear average release in the next 11 months.
    Each corporation has a hard cap of 3,000 CTT, and a total of 10 corporations are planned to be selected.
Community investors
    30,000 CTT tokens (3%).
    Price at $20 USD.
    10% unlocked in the first month, linear average unlocking in the next 11 months.
    Each community partner has a hard cap of 3,000 CTT.
    For each address, has a hard cap of 25 CTT.
    40,000 CTT tokens (4%).
    Price at $30 USD Phased on BSC platforms such as JulSwap, BurgerSwap, Helmet, MantraDAO(ZENDIT)
    Participation methods depend on the rules of each platform.
    Part of the distribution share will be reserved for IEO listing and exchange of IIO vouchers later on.
    50,000 CTT tokens (5%).
    Community ambassadors, technology developers, ecological cooperation.
    Will not be released in the first month, and will be announced before the distribution.
Active airdrops
    50,000 CTT tokens (5%).
    The game’s active address airdrop is divided into closed beta, open beta, and 2.0 experience stages.
    Will not be released in the first month, the upper limit of releasing in one month is 2,500 CTT.
Market making reserve
    50,000 CTT tokens (5%).
    Secondary market maker reserve, liquidity robot reserve.
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